Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cruisin' and Quiltin'

Saturday hubby and I went to Cruise for the Cure, a car show at the Orange County Fairgrounds with the proceeds to go to the prevention and awareness of Prostate Cancer. It was a nice day in the 80's. Not bad for a Fall day. My hubby got a little poke in the finger for his free prostate exam but he made sure to point out to me the line men waiting for the "other" kind of exam. I've been getting mammo's since I was 35 since my mom is a breast cancer survivor. I think all men should have to take the "other" kind of test just because! I wonder if we'll ever get to have a poke in the finger for our tests? Wouldn't that be so much nicer than going through the vise!
The snazzy car below is a 789 Chevy. I read that it's on a corvette chassis and the front is a replica of a `57 Chevy, the middle, a `58 and the rear, a `59. I did a search and it's a mere $135,000! That's the equivalent of a LOT of fabric!!! lol Doesn't do much for me but I'm sure there are men out there drooling over this one. Now let me show you the new sewing machine model I want. hehe...just kiddin'.
Being the good little wife and going to the car show earned me getting to stay home and play on Sunday. I must not have complained too much huh? :o) I got a little machine quilting done on my reproduction tablecloth. I just have to sew around these 4 patches and then I'm ready for the binding. Woohoo! I'm so excited. Seems like forever since I've finished a project.

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Conni said...

Love the little convertible!! I can hear the Beach Boys songs playing on the radio, and my long flowing tresses blowing in the breeze as we cruise Hwy 101!!! LOL!!! A girl can dream, right!! Can't wait to see the tablecloth finished and on your table!!