Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Few Good Changes...

My hubby went to the Long Beach Veteran's Swap Meet in Long Beach on Sunday. He took the Chevelle to try and sell it. If it didn't go, we thought we would list it on ebay. A man, Mikael Bjork from Sweden, was here in California on vacation with his family for a month looking for three cars to take back home. Lucky us! He loved the Chevelle and made an offer. We have two other classic cars and the Chevelle has just been sitting. It's not good you know, to have a car just sit.....so off it goes to Sweden! Bye bye car. Bye bye Mikael! Cha-ching Richard! :o)

Now, I didn't get any of that "cha-ching" from the car sale but it didn't stop me from buying myself a little treat! Actually, I bought the treat on Saturday before the car even sold so there goes my theory for spending my share. LOL We helped our youngest move into a new apartment on Saturday. She needed shelf paper for the kitchen so me and the oldest daughter, Kelley, were off to Target. Kelley saw these BIG scissors and when she showed them to me, I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE THEM! How doggone adorable. It's not like I'm a tailor or something but they're so cute, they went right into the cart! Well, it IS a sewing room, after all!! Look how cute they look next to my big paper mache spools I got from my friend Sherrie a few years ago! Of course, they're the wrong size for my itty bitty chair that's sitting right there but that's okay. That's a mouse chair anyway!
I thought about hanging the scissors up here, where the quilts sign is but nah. I think they are better by the spools. And besides, they're kind of thick. I bet it would've been hard to get nails to hold them up.
I used some of that gummy stuff you can use to put posters on the wall to hold the "blades". It just dawned on me. Do these parts have names? Whatever you call the part where you put your fingers also has a small piece of the tacky stuff. That "should" hold it from falling if I have the window open and the Santa Ana winds are blowing like they are today or if we have a big earthshake! By the way, they measure approx. 23" tall!
Of course, getting this one little decorator item caused me to clean off the window sill, vacuum the floor, clean off the cutting table, etc., etc., etc. Argh, I HATE when that happens!


Carla said...

Your windowsill display is adorable!

ojaiquilter said...

Hey Liz, Those look great!Christmas is coming, and a pair of those would look great in MY sewing room, your favorite sister!!!

Angela said...

Great on the car. AND LOVVVVVVE the scissors!