Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life is a Jungle!!!

:o)  I had to make a little "it's a jungle" joke about this crazy life I'm attempting to live and the project I started working on.  I have been trying to stay very busy since Richard left and have a lot of cleaning and sorting still to do but Sunday I had had enough.  I threw in the towel and said "I need some sewing therapy!!"

This little cheater quilt (only the top so far) is for my daughter's friend, Jenny.  She's the mom of that adorable little flower girl seen here at Ashley's wedding.  Jenny is pregnant with her third baby, a little boy, and because it's her third baby, there won't be a shower.  Whoever heard of such a thing?  lol  I didn't really know her when she had her first two babies but I like her.  She calls me Mam, like Ashley does so she's getting a little quilt for her bouncing baby boy.  This was a kit I bought from Road to CA.  Just the panel, border and binding fabrics so it wasn't too expensive.  You trim a row off the side and sew on borders.  Easy enough even for me at this time in my life.  My only complaint is the fabric was 'tweaked' at the right side.  It was really bad on the last row so thank goodness I chopped that one off!

That piece that got cut off was attached to the back fabric that had to be pieced anyway to make it big enough to work.  I got it on sale Sunday for $6.00/yard.  I wanted to put flannel on the back but the flannel that matched was $13.00/yard and I just couldn't do it.  Have you been buying fabric with these new prices?  Oh, it's killing me.  And convincing me to use what I have as often as possible.  Of course, this kit and the back are all new.  LOL

Here's a close up of the cute little monkey and polka dot border fabric.  The binding is a cute colorful stripe and I can't wait to get this pinned and quilted. 

But...it's still hanging on the design wall. I have to get a closet organizer in my room so I can move my clothes over from the master bedroom to prepare for my "roomies" to move in in a couple of weeks.  This transition has been hard for so many reasons but the biggest one has been living in our house for 28 years!  SO.MUCH.STUFF!!!!


The Other Barb said...

What a cute baby quilt~ The back is cute too :)

Terry said...

Those animals are adorable!! :0)