Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Cheater!

Finally finished this little cheater panel.  I was trying to hold out for my new sewing table insert but the baby won't wait until that happens so I figured I better get on it.  Besides I have another quick baby quilt to do ASAP!
I'm on the fence about adding a simple quilt design to the border.  It's only 4" and doesn't really need it but I don't know.  It might hold up better to lots of washings if it's quilted somehow.  I'll look at it tonight and decide.

I did a serpentine stitch in the mock sashing.

The blocks were poofy so the sashing quilting wasn't enough.  I added a grid stitch over the blocks.  Because it's a printed panel and not perfectly printed, it's not perfect but I can live with that.
This is a close up of the cute fabric that was included with the kit for the borders and binding.  Love the dots and stripes!
The kit was a new purchase so obviously I didn't use up any fabric for it but I did piece the back from stash fabric.  For the kit, you just cut off one strip off the side of the panel.  That strip makes the back the perfect width if pieced down the middle.

Just gotta get that label done!

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Michelle said...

I bought fabrics from this line for a baby quilt too! But I didn't see the panel...great job!