Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Springtime and chocolate!

I have been trying to be better about walking consistently.  Some days I am more motivated than others.  Sigh...  But yesterday, a house in the neighborhood had these gorgeous ranunculas planted in the front walkway.  Oh my, they were so bright and beautiful, they looked like tissue paper.

And in my backyard, our fruit tree has got blooms galore on it.  I would call it a plum tree or nectarine tree but I can't remember what I planted.  LOL  I guess we'll know soon enough when the flowers turn into fruit.  :o)

Saturday two of my daughters did a 5k walk for the Ronald McDonald House charity.  This was at about 5:30 in the morning so we aren't lookin' too pretty but at the end of the walk you got a cup of chocolate milk and goodies so that's why we're smiling.  lol  From L-R, Ashley, Missy (Ashley's MIL), Stephanie and me.

Mmmmm.  There was a rice krispy treat, a cookie, some pretzels, a banana and a marshmallow.  And the chocolate was sooo delicious!

And how the heck did Easter arrive SO fast?!!!  Since it's this weekend and we'll have a small family gathering, I decided to put out some decorations but not too many.  It'll be here and gone before you know it.

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The Other Barb said...

Great that you are doing some walking. I think I'd even walk a 5k if there was chocolate & treats at the finish line !