Monday, February 4, 2013

A little sewing, a little card...

After cleaning my room last week, I was able to do a little sewing.  I finished up this Yellow Brick Road baby quilt I had cut out at craft night a few weeks ago. I used everything from my stash except the dark pink inner border fabric.  Even the back is from my stash!  Yay.  The pic is a little blurry but I figured I better use it and do a post or time would get away from me.

Saturday my daughter and I had a shower to go to.  She did the shopping so I made the card.  It sounded like a good plan to me! 

I kept adding pearls because the card was so plain but I think I'm just so used to having an embossed background, I wasn't used to this clean card front. 

You can hardly tell, but I sponged the edges of the white card with Blush Blossom ink.  I punched out two butterflies and folded up the wings to make it dimensional.

It's a good thing I got this play time in.  We are working around the house and yard to get things ready for my hubby to go to Turkey.  Lots to do still.  The packers will come this week to look over what has to be done.  That means "we" have to be ready with most of what's going so they can assess.  Who-boy!!!!  On top of that, I'm trying to plan a going away party so people can see him before he leaves.  I ordered the taco cart today so I can enjoy the day with my hubby and not have to work too much.  Sigh.....big changes ahead.

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The Other Barb said...

pretty baby quilt~
pretty card~