Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hoarders called me.  They said to clean up my act or they're coming over to my house with a camera crew!  lol  During the fall and winter months, I was busy sewing and crafting to do craft shows with my daughter.  That left me with various scraps, piles, etc.  Add to that the holidays, a few homemade gifts and more "etc." was left here, there and everywhere!  This is what "that" looks like!!!  And it actually got worse.  I pulled all the stuff out from underneath the two tables.  Yikes!
I know there is a glare from the window but I was hoping that would keep you from seeing just how bad things are were!!!
My sister was here for a visit for Road to California quilt show.  While here, she asked if we could go to Ikea for containers for her sewing room.  After we went to Road, we HAD to go!  lol 
I got some big gallon containers for $4.99 each.  They are clear so you can see what's inside and they lock/stack on top of each other nicely.  So much better than those solid ones I was using that you can't see what's inside!!  I "thought" I would be able to store them two high underneath my sewing tables but there is a bar in the way so single layer it is.  In these bins, I put UFO's in various stages.  Some are ready to go with batting, backing, etc.  Some are just blocks and need assembly, stashing, etc.  I put a paper sign in the front so I can easily see what is what without marking the bins permanently.

This is under the sewing table.  The big bins on the bottom, UFO projects, mostly in the block stage, in smaller containers.  In the first picture, these were stacked under the window.  This gives me a little storage in that dead area under the table that the second bin wouldn't fit in.  These were unmarked before so I also added little labels to these bins.

These sweater and shoe boxes are from Costco.  More clear bins to easily see what's inside!   

I even redid my pattern drawer!  I was constantly having to sort through all of them just to find what I needed.  I made some tall tabs with scrap cardboard and though it's not pretty, it's sorted.  Yay me! 
And here it is.  TA-DAAAA!!!  Pure loveliness...until I start a new project!  And yes, I know it's still cluttered but that's the way I roll people!  At least you can see what color the table is!  lol



Angela said...

Baby you gots isssssuuuuuues!

Liz said...

LOL. Ya think!!!!!

AuntyHennys said...

Ha! I still don't see what was wrong with the first picture........ that's how my room looks!!!

You've done some serious organising there Liz! Well done! I have big plastic bins in the sewing cupboard but recently my termite inspector said that I should try and lift everything up off the floor so he can tap tap his way around the sewing room more easily.... yeah right! like that's ever gonna happen:-))

Happy Sewing in your "new" space!

The Other Barb said...

No wonder you produce such great projects...look at all the stuff you have to work with!

Great organizing!

Michelle said...

Oh boy, you need to come over and do an intervention for me...

Nice job, now you can get three times as much done as before!