Monday, August 20, 2012

It takes water???

This is the rose bush my friend gave me as a memorial when my mom passed away two years ago this month.  Boy, talk about pressure, trying to keep it alive with my two brown thumbs.  It was looking pretty bad about a month ago but with me having time off from my surgery, I had been better about watering it regularly.  Who knew that's all it takes?  Water!!  lol

I shared the name of this rose before but in case you missed that post the last time (probably two years ago), it's called Angel Face.  It produces the prettiest and most fragrant flowers.

And to keep my post pink and flowery :o), here is a card I made at a workshop at my friend Neena's house a week or so ago.  I never think to buy flower stamp sets and Neena always does.  I love the way it came out.  The roses are double stamped to give the watercolor look.  We used the argyle embossing folder for the bottom half of the card. 

Hope to be stopping by a little more often now that I am up and about like normal (almost) now.

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The Other Barb said...

Those roses are beautiful~ I did the same for a friend whose Dad died & a few years later, her mom. She has 2 rose bushes now. One pink & one red in her front yard.

I have that flower stamp set. An old one but a good one. Think I'll get it out tomorrow at my stamping group.Pretty card!

Hope you are doing well these days~