Friday, August 3, 2012

Crafting in little bits....

I am limited to the amount of time I can sit at a time so when my daughter had her Stampin' Up! workshop at my house last Sunday, I had to take some breaks here and there but at least I was able to play and enjoy the company of friends.

We made several projects with the Big Shot.  One was this cute little framed project for a little "pretty" you could put just about anywhere.  We used decorative paper for the background, a piece of ribbon, a framelet to cut out the shape of the staying and a stamp to stamp it.  Oh, and a little dimensional flower at the bottom corner.

This "blurry" shot is of the one I did.  I liked the little tea pot.  It's still sitting on the table because nothing in my house is pink so I can't figure out where to put it.  LOL  (And in case you're wondering, nothing in my house is dark blue either!)


Stephanie tried to find thin flashing so we could make these garden plant sticks but the only thing she could find at the hardware store was too thick to run through the big shot.  So.....these are aluminum soda cans cut open as you can see by the picture on the far left.  Cherry Coke!  lol  Great recycling idea though, right?

This one is cute too because you can personalize it with the name of a plant, a person's name for a gift, etc.  Awfully cute to put out in the garden though!

We used embossing folders to make the designs on the cut out.  A little bling and it might even keep birdies from eating your seeds!  :o)

I did get a little sewing done (very little).  Hopefully, my road to recovery is about completed.  I go to the doctor today.  We'll see what he has to say.

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The Other Barb said...

What a great idea to use soda cans in the Big Shot ! Continue to get better.