Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happiest Place On Earth....

***I started this post last week and never got back to it.  Where is the time going???  Argh....***

Just a few photos to catch you up on where I've been.  Here's a little hint (in case my Post title wasn't enough of a hint for you).  :o)

Sleeping Beauty's castle is a beautiful site any time but especially during the holidays!

My friends (If you can call them that! lol) wanted to ride the Tower of Terror.  "Uh, okay.  I'll go.  How bad can it be?"  OH-MY-GOD!!!!  We are in the second row on the right.  I am the one with my hand over my face, Susan is in aqua and neena is the one with her hands in the air laughing.  The ride went to the top and then they opened the doors so you could see all of Anaheim.  When I saw how high up we were, I had to cover my eyes and I believe that is when I started screaming at the top of my lungs like i was being chased by a murderer!!!!!  Susan was laughing at me so hard that she was crying.  Yeah, whatever.....

After that ride, I needed to go to a happy place so Neena and I went to It's a Small World. Ahhhh, that was better. lol It is normally such a cute ride but done up with Christmas decorations, lights and holiday music, it was wonderful!

Here are a few shots of Main Street with poinsettias, lights and the beautiful Christmas tree. 

And here are two of my daughters at a craft show they did in November.  Yes, I am definitely behind with my blog....just posting about this!!  Stephanie (on the left) did hair bows, headbands and flower clips.  Kelley (on the right) is the artsy daughter and had some prints for sale, post cards, compact mirrors with cute pin-up girls and a couple of patterns.  She also sold soaps for a friend of hers.

My contribution to the sale was minimal.  With the wedding, the girls were all struggling to have anything on that table.  I did have these little metal chairs I found so I made them into pincushions.  I saw them on Lori Holt's blog, Bee in My Bonnet, here.  I only made 10 and sold 7 so that works for me.  I have two for gifts for Christmas.  :o)

Kelley's prints and patterns.

Stephanie had a co-worker stop by with her daughter.  She made a great little model for some of her headbands.  Look at those adorable rosey cheeks!

Onto some crafty news.......Kelley saw some jars on Pinterest.  (Pinterest....that's a whole 'nother blog post!!!!)  Some of her co-workers wanted them so she hit up thrift stores and Ikea for jars and I got to cutting on my Cricut.  (Yeah, I can hear all of you asking, "I thought Kelley was making them?")  LOL  I don't mind helping when I get crafting time with my girls!  Can you believe how popular mustache stuff is?  I've seen it everywhere.  How about you? 

I got all my Christmas decorating done last week and here are a few of my favorite things.  My little kitchen tree and the garland in my dining room doorway.  Love, love, all makes me so happy.

And hubby and I got our lights up outside.  My big christmas lights make my walkway look like a "runway".  lol  Maybe next year I'll change it to the side planters.

So, I have a party at my house tomorrow night and the big family gathering on Sunday.  A little clean up, a little baking and I'll be ready to go.  Sleep?  Who needs sleep?  :o)

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Conni said...

I see your daughter has some patterns. Are they for embroidery??? I would love to purchase some if they are!!!