Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ashley's Wedding, iphone pics

Being mother-of-the-bride is tough business any way but man, oh man, having to have my hands free and not have my camera was tough on me.  My Nikon is too big to tote around at times like these!!!  All I had was my iphone so I'm sharing a couple of the pre-wedding photos with the bridesmaids.

Ashley chose Nick, http://www.nickcharrow.com/ as her photographer.  He is young and likes to use brick walls and commercial structures in his shoots.  Next door to the Embassy Suites where the girls got ready was the Brea Cultural Center and he thought it was ideal for some pictures.  He had us walk there, which caused for quite a bit of honking from street traffic but that made it fun.  I only snapped a few and these are the best of them.  They're going to have to hold me over until we get the 'real deal' from Nick.

I can't wait to see the pictures if this is what things look like with my older iphone.  I love Ashley's dress in this picture.  Everyone looks so pretty!

This was a kind of a huddle shot.  :o)

And I love this one.  It looks nice and even with four girls on each side but David's sister is missing.  She was a "Groomsmaid" and took most of her pictures with the guys and their parents.  We left soon after this shot to do the gazebo flowers.  There were more taken of the "First Look" and the entire bridal party.  Don't those orange flowers look amazing against that navy blue?  Love it!


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Beautiful pics, Liz! Thanks for sharing!