Monday, December 26, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life!

Yes, it's the title of a wonderful classic holiday movie but it's also a description of some of our lives, if we're lucky enough to have our children, friends and family around us this time of year.  I had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too.

Our little living room only allows me a few options for putting up the Christmas tree and a certain amount of space.  This picture is pretty much exactly like last years post of our tree but it works and we found a nice full Noble Fir but not too big so it fit in our tight squeeze of a corner.  :o)

This was the Christmas card I made this year and barely mailed them out on time (if Saturday, December 24th was on time!!!!).  With no postal deliveries today, I'm sure most people won't get them until tomorrow and some later than that. least they got mailed.  It was a close call. 

I used Stampin' Up paper that I just love.  It's called Holly Berry Bouquet, the pine cone stamp was from a set called Pines and Poinsettias and the greeting was from Christmas Lodge.

I got some clothes for Christmas which I was really in need of.  Two of my favorite gifts were nesting dolls from my daughter, Kelley.  Adorable and priceless, in my personal opinion (and proud mama)!

This is my favorite color, red and denim britches.  :o)

This was my other fav.  Oh my gosh, I'm going to have to dust off my knitting skills to make some of these adorable monsters.  This book was a gift from my youngest daughter, Ashley.  I can only knit and can't even remember how to 'purl' but my sister said she can help me in a few weeks when we get together for Road to California.  Woohoo on both parts of that sentence!!  lol

I don't think will be my first project since it has color changes but it's so cute!!  Someday........

Unfortunately, back to work tomorrow.  :o(  Oh well, at least it's a short work week.

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Terry said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas Liz! Your tree and your card both look wonderful! Happy New Year! :0)