Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Complaint Department

My daughter Kelley, the artsy one, responded to my post day before yesterday. If you don't read the comments you might of missed it but she wanted to know why I posted pictures of her sister Stephanie's projects but not her quilt? Well, Kelley has a website so I figured maybe she would want bragging rights about her quilt but I was wrong. And this is why I won't win any Mother of the Year awards! I'm wrong a lot! :o)
This is a picture of Kelley's queen size quilt top. (I am the Equal Opportunity blogger!!!) lol She finished it last week and pieced some flannel for the back. It's now in the "waiting for her mother to longarm quilt it" stage. Oh, the pressure!!

For this top, Kelley raided my scrap basket, she had some fat quarters and scraps of her own and she went through scraps my sister had given me. She doesn't really care for traditional quilt blocks and got started with this crazy quilt type block sewing several years ago when she had a ruptured disk and back surgery. It left her slightly paralyzed so to keep herself busy, she sewed scraps together and made a small lap quilt.
Being the "artsy daughter", she had to add some art to her quilt so she drew some pictures to embroider and put them in the quilt. She was sorry she didn't do more but she was anxious to get it finished so the rest is history.

March 9th I posted about a quilt for my bed. You can read about it here. I had a stencil that I thought would look good but it was a tad too small. The sticker said it was from The Stencil Co. so I went online and found a larger one, ordered and it and then waited. Well, it came on Monday so I transferred a couple of blocks but before starting on my quilt, I figured I better practice. Here is my practice block I did late last night.

It came out decent even though I had to retrace some of the design like you do when you quilt feathers. I haven't done much of that but I was happy with this. I guess I should've looked at the blown up picture to see if really was a 'decent' job before I blogged about it. It was late when I did it and the lighting was bad. Oh oh! And here is the back.

I must admit, it was probably a whole lot easier working on one block than tugging on a quilt but I'm hoping it won't be too bad. I set my Juki up on the dining room table so I'll have space to move it around. I hope to "git `ir done" this weekend.


ojaiquilter said...

I think you should get the Mother of the Year Award!! You share your stash,rubber stamps, scrapbooking supplies AND you quilt their tops!!! Never mind all the baking you do. Haha I love the stencil. I can't wait to find something to use mine for.

Kelley said...

listen here ojaiquilter,Busy Lizzie has apparently fooled you into believing she shares these things! LOL - I'm only kidding.

Actually the only reason I made the smart ass comment about my quilt yesterday was that I needed the picture :) She has the only one in existence of the top actually finished.

Plus, I like to tease her :)

Liz said...

Boy, I almost lost my drink of coffee on that one! I share! Ask Isabel!!!!

ojaiquilter said...

For those of you who don't know we are a very loving, giving family, right girls? If you can imagine we have very loud, fun, boisterous get togethers!!

Kelley said...

Hee hee :)

I think you should change you blog name to Busy Lizzie