Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy Stephanie!

This post is not about what I have made but some finishes that my busy daughter Stephanie did. Some of you are familiar with Kelley, my oldest and artsy daughter. Well, Stephanie (no blog), my middle daughter, is more like her mama (that's me!) and dabbles in a little of everything like sewing, paper crafts, plays with her Cricut. Yeah, we like it all! Well, she came over on Sunday and got some 'started' projects 'finished'. :o)
First is a little apron she made for her friend's daughter. It's a reversible apron and a great little birthday gift for a two year old.

And it's reversible!! She got the pattern at Tall Mouse, our local craft store. Do you like our model? It's a roll of batting. hehe The heart fabric is from Stephanie's stash and the rest is from my stash. She also made a batch of pink play dough (vanilla scented cuz that's all we had) and included a little pink rolling pin. Then she raided my gift bag cabinet. I asked her if after all this "borrowing" she would include my name on the card!!!!! LOL

Then....with her very own fabric :o) she made this little travel diaper tote for a co-worker. It holds one or two diapers, depending on the size and a pack of wipes. Cute huh?

I thought it was clever how she matched the diaper to the bag. She said it was just a co-inky-dink!

And here are the wipes in the back pocket.
And on MY finishes, I got my quilting stencils in the mail yesterday that I had been waiting for. I hope to get my quilt marked so I can finish it up by the weekend. Maybe I'll have a picture of something I did to show you! :o)


Barb said...

The aprons are adorable, along with your model (ha!)

Kelley said...

Um, excuse me...but where are the pictures of my quilt top? LOL

Conni said...

Cute aprons! Congrats to Busy Stephanie on her finishes!!