Monday, October 26, 2009

Winslow Retreat

I went to Winslow, Arkansas for a quilting retreat this past week. The weather was a bit chilly and it rained but it was nice. Some of the group there I had met before and know them from my online swapping. Others were new to me so it was nice to meet some new people.

I had a great time but got a bad sore throat and a lovely headache and chills. I tried my best to not let it get to me. I just wasn't able to stay up and sew marathon nights like I usually do. I came back to work today and found out my coworker had the same thing since last Wednesday. We must've caught it at the same time and shared the nasty germs.
Winslow was so pretty this time. The last time I was there, it was 2003 adn it was later in the year. November, I think, and very brown. This time, Fall was in the air.

For two and a half days, I worked on this little wallhanging. I got the strips and muslin in a kit I bought at the quilt run this summer. I added the green for the star points and 1" hst's. After I quilt it, I will cut the border to have scallops. I love the fabrics they provided for the nine patches. That's why I bought it. It was $20 and I think that's the best twenty bucks I ever spent!

I left there on Sunday morning and this was the sunrise a little after 6:00 a.m. shining in our cabin window. What a beautiful thing to see first thing in the morning. CA probably has sunrises like this but I don't get up early enough to see it! :o)


QuiltSue said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Get well soon.

I love the quilt you were making, and the view of the trees was super, thanks.

ojaiquilter said...

Looks like a nice place. It's always nice to get er done!!

Diane said...

I just love your little 9 patch. Can't wait to see it scalloped!