Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sewing workout!

Well, this was a sewing trip at a workout place but the only working out was filling the car with tables and chairs, sewing machine, cutting tools, kits, etc.!!! :o)
Me and a few buddies were going to try and go up to Lake Arrowhead for a sewing date but that wasn't working out. Susan, one of the newer quilters and friend, owns a Curves that just happens to be right next door to a quilt shop. We loaded up the cars with tables, chairs and the kitchen sink and had a play day.

This is my daughter Kelley, working away. You can see on the left her scrappy blocks up on the design wall. She is my artsy daughter and there will be "no following a quilt pattern" for her. She likes scrappy.

And she happened to see a scrappy quilt online somewhere that had cute embroidery in with all the blocks so she drew on some bleached muslin and embroidered a block. She'll probably do a few others and then start sewing her parts together.

Below is the project Neena and I worked on. I had no business getting out a new kit but I did anyway. :o) Neena and I went to my quilt guild show last weekend and this was just too cute for either of us to pass up. I think I'll give mine to one of the kids for Christmas.....which means I have to finish it! LOL I loved the colors. It's young and fun. Not like the traditional colors of red and green that I decorate with.

And here I am stitching on another project. I actually handed my camera to somebody else so I can prove I'm there too!

This is Neena. You might've seen a picture of her on my blog before. Look at that face. She's a nut!

And Susan is usally happier than this. Especially when she finishes a project!!! She finished her little Christmas quilt panel. Isn't the little checked border cute? She shared her scraps with me so I could do that on my panel too. Woohoo, another project!

Off to finish some cleaning in the sewing room so I can actually try and cut something on the cutting table!!


Conni said...

What a fun evening! And to have your daughter join you is just icing on the cake!

ojaiquilter said...

It looks like you were all busy little elves. I can hardly wait to see Kelley's designs!! I was there in spirit. I finished a baby quilt!!

QuiltSue said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.

Laura-IH said...

That looks like fun. BUT where's the pic of Kelley's embroidery? "I want to see it!" whined Laura.