Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pictures Posted

I posted pictures or my trip to Winslow on my webshots album. There are some great quilts that were shared by the group. If you'd like to see some nice projects, check them out. Some of those ladies are such over-achievers!!! :o)

I've got to cut out some costumes tonight for my daughter and her boyfriend. If I get something finished, I'll post a picture. We're talking about an Indian and a cupcake. Not exactly a "couples" costume. Well, I guess this tribe of Indian likes cupcakes! lol


peggy said...

Thanks for posting all the retreat pictures. LOVE the quilt you finished and it was fun to see all the girls and their projects.

Angela said...

Aaaah where I first met you and all my online friends in person. Gotta love rtreats.