Monday, September 21, 2009

Miscellaneous crafting

Before I left for my little Vegas vacation, I made two more little tooth fairy pillows from my buddy Michelle's pattern. This was her post on these little cuties. She is a sweetie and shared her pattern with me and I've blogged about them before. I made the first two teeth for my twin nieces in MO and mailed them back in April.
Then my niece called and was telling me about her daughter, Alivia having two loose teeth and pulling one out with dental floss. I told her about the pillows and she said she would love to have one too. She said she still has her Tooth Fairy pillow but wanted Alivia to have her own. All of these little ladies are six years old. And while I was making one for all of these girls, I figured I might as well make one for my surrogate Granddaughter Ashley. She is also six.

When Ashley called to tell me thank you for her pillow, she read the entire note I had sent along with the package. I couldn't believe how good she read. I guess this generation of tv-watching babies-grown-up is paying off. :o)

And I haven't done any quilting lately but I did play with some crafting toys. Last Thursday night for TNT (Thursday Night Therapy), me and my buddy Neena played with this new cartridge I got for my Cricut machine. The cartridges were on sale at Michael's for $39 so I went looking for one called Tags, Bags and More but they didn't have it. They did have this one though and I loved the vintage kitchen designs so I bought it.

It did not disappoint. Although, I couldn't get my Cricut software to find the cartridge, it was still fun to cut out the retro kitchen items. I think I'm going to cut sets of these and frame them for Christmas gifts.

What do you think? Pretty darned cute huh? :o)
I hope to get caught up with my stitchery projects while watching some of the Fall line up. Boy, they've got some good lookin' tv shows starting this week. I practically need a calendar to figure out what to watch when!


peggy said...

Those kitchen items are super cute....
I wish I'd had some of those tooth pillows when my kids were little.
When my daughter's godchild gets a little older, I'll have to get the instructions from you...if you'll share.

ojaiquilter said...

At work I have plastic teeth necklace that I give the kids to put their tooth in until they get home but the pillow is tooo cute. I thought of my Ashley when I saw the kitchen cut outs. Hmmm what can we do with them!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you use the Cricut for fabric? if so, is it worthwhile for cutting several pieces, etc.? I've just recently learned about the fact there is a Cricut and watched some of it on TV infomercial and she showed cutting out an apple I think. I was wondering how you can choose shapes, etc.

Laura-IH said...

Oh my gosh! Those retro kitchen items are too cute! I love stuff like that!