Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lil' Pink Riding Hood

I wanted to check-in to avoid getting mail from no-blog Brenda. Don't you think it's nervy for someone who doesn't blog to complain when you get crazy busy and don't do any posts for a while? LOL

This is something I should've posted about back in May when I got this adorable fabric. My daughter Kelley (who has been so busy with life lately, that she hasn't blogged in a month),
gave me a yard of each of these fabrics for Mother's Day. Yup, back in May. She drew them and sent over to Spoonflower to print.

I thought I blogged about it before but couldn't find the post! Being over 50 isn't pretty girls! :o)
Spoonflower is a site that you can submit a design to print on Kona fabric for a mere $18.00 a yard. Yeah, it's crazy expensive but I LOVE that I have fabric of my very own that my daughter drew for me. She "allowed" my sister Isabel, who is her #2 fan behind me, to order some too.
The reason Lil' Red is pink is there was a problem with the printing. The re-ran it for us and I got another yard (free of charge) in orange. When Kelley pointed out it STILL wasn't right, I got Lil' Red in red but she lost most of her details on her outfit. It's okay though. I'm just trying to decide what to make with it. Do I do a tote, or a wallet, or a quilt???? Decisions, decisions. I'm just going to hang onto it until it speaks to me. I did load up the pieces in EQ6 and played with some block layouts but I don't want to cut it up too small so I will play some more.
Do you have some artistic ability and some extra cash lying around? :o) If so, go check out Spoonflower. There are some very creative people in our little world.


Conni said...

Have your talented, sweet and loving daughter draw up some embroidery patterns to go with the fabric, and then you could make a to-die-for quilt or wallhanging!! And the rest of us could buy her patterns and stitch out her cuteness, too!!

Angela said...

Love it!! Red Riding Hood is a huge fav or mine. Conni has a smart idea!

Kelley said...

Conni, my mother (that being BusyLiz herself) has just informed me of your wonderful idea...so I plan to get right on that :)

Laura-IH said...

Your daughter drew that! Wow! So cute! I agree...she should draw up some patterns! I'd stitch that! : )