Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Berry Pickin Block #2

I finished block #2 of the Berry Pickin BOM. This was a little one so it didn't take that much time. It was just a matter of sitting down and doing it. I love these fabrics. They are so not what I normally buy and don't match my house at all. Oh well, I love the designs on the blocks so I'm going for it. :o)

The next block is a kind of big one. I'm not a very good finisher so it's going to take all I've got to see this one through. There are a couple of months that the blocks are B-I-G!! There are a few online friends doing it too so maybe they can beat me to a pulp (via email) if I don't stick with it. hehe
I wrote in an email that I was reading and writing emails while on the treadmill. Somebody thought I was nuts and I thought.....well, yeah. :o) But I saw this idea about a year ago.

I'm about as plump as a pumpkin. It's not very becoming. And I need to get on a plane at the end of next month and would like to lose some of the overflow around my 'seat'. I sit all day at work and then if I'm sewing or crafting, I'm sitting all night. Not so good. So I went out to the garage and grabbed an old shelving board. I put it across the hand rails of the treadmill and wallah! Torture while doing something I like, emailing and blogging!!!
I pretty much read my mail as soon as I walk in the door so now I'm going to try and turn on the computer, and get the feet moving!
Please say a prayer for our bloggy friend Terry. Maybe you could even drop her a little comment for support. Her husband had an accident at work. I'm sure things will be rough for a while. We gals have to stick together.


Kelley said...

ha ha! That is classic! I don't really think that would work on the eliptical I have though...our handles move :(

ojaiquilter said...

You are a clever one!!! Anyone who can multi-task like that deserves an applause. clap, clap, clap. lol

peggy said...

YAY...so you finished before me...way to go liz!!! You are my hero!

Quilt Hollow said...

OMG...this is clever! My DH tried hooking up an older computer so he could watch old tv shows while walking...he had something else rigged but yours looks to work wonderfully!

Michelle said...

Good job finishing block 2! Don't worry...we'll keep you "motivated" to get block 3 done. :)

Great idea for the treadmill!! I love it...now I just need a treadmill!

Laura-IH said...

LOL! Liz, you are too much! I don't think I am coordinated enought to blog and walk at the same time. I'd probably tip over! : )