Friday, September 4, 2009

Berry Pickin block 1 and pincushion update

We had sewing night at my house last night. My buddies Neena and Sherrie came over. I worked on my embroidery BOM. I finally finished the first block. Yayyy! It's so pretty.....and so girlie. And so not me. That's what all the girls have said that are working on this one but it's so pretty we couldn't resist. :o) I will add the borders and little sashing units tonight (hopefully).

While the girls were over, I asked them to look at the pincushions I had made so far for the swap I'm doing. Earlier this week, my friend Nora came over and she had seen my cherry tart. Nora thought the top of the pie needed a cherry. I dug around in my stash of craft supplies and found floral wire and red bells. I cut out a leaf from a scrap and came up with a little cherry. The only thing is, it looked lonely. The girls last night agreed and asked me to lay two on the pie. Here's the
outcome and I think it just added the finishing touch to my little "tart".

My other pincushion is a little blue bird I made from a pattern. I'll post the name of the pattern later. I don't have it with me. In the pattern, you glue the bird on a small salt shaker. They filled it with little buttons. I couldn't find a small salt shaker for the life of me so I dug around (again in the craft supplies) and found some spools. One small spool wasn't enough so I found some with matching thread and it was the perfect height.

It needed a little more embellishments so I wrapped some floss around a small spool for the neck and pinned on a little pair of scissors. You know every embroidering bird needs her scissors!!! :o)

I wanted to make several pincushions for the swap and I had this bright idea to try and make a little iron. You know how us quilters have so much pressing to do with our blocks. Hmmm, how to make one? What to use? I bought some black wool felt and used some of that silver stuff for ironing boards. I could've probably hit Joann's for some silver fabric now that Halloween fabrics are out but this was cheap and I figured a half yard would be plenty. So this is the first prototype.

I have a list of things already to change and/or embellish. If I can get it just the way I like it, I might even try making up a pattern but who besides me and my crazy collection would want an iron pincushion???

It's Friday of a long weekend. Woohoo! I'm looking forward to playing in my sewing room but I have to clean it first. That's why these pictures were taken in the kitchen. There is not a clean surface in my sewing room! There's fabric, stuffing, crushed walnut shells, fabric, buttons, charms, glue gun,'s not pretty. lol


ojaiquilter said...

I would gladly trade you some ME cherries for one of your pies. I have quite a few. Great job on the embroidery and the little bird is adorable.

greetingarts said...

Puh-lenty of people would *love* an iron pincushion, I'd bet money on it! It's great, you're so wonderfully creative.

And that embroidery is me, so me me me!

Robin said...

your block looks beautiful Liz! Great job on the stitching! And your pincushions are just too cute!!

QuiltSue said...

I LOVE the pincushions. I think the bird is my favourite,......or is it the pie.......or perhaps the iron.

Laura-IH said...

Oh, my gosh, Liz! All your pincushions are great, but I squealed out loud over the cuteness of that little cherry pie! I LOVE IT!

stampinvixen said...

Liz once again you have outdone yourself everything is so blang cute (can i say that?) those little irons would make a cute gift for ugmugm someone's BIRTHDAY! OH what a cute display that would make a little iron next to a cherry pie, ugmugm for someone's BIRTHDAY!