Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Has Arrived!

Actually, it felt a bit like summer on Saturday with temperatures in the 80's! It was a beautiful day! Me and two of my girls went to the shower for the newest family member, Ashley. Well, I actually call her "white" Ashley because have three Ashley's and it can be confusing. There is my daughter Ashley, who is 24 and very brown. :o) There is Little Ashley, my pretend Granddaughter and now we have white Ashley. White Ashley is such a good sport and has a great sense of humor so it's fun to play "Which Ashley are you?" LOL
The shower was beautiful. It was at Ashley's mom's house. She has a beautiful home and pretty backyard. This was the table where we sat and had lunch. Look at all those pretty spring flowers!

Here's Ashley with her mom, Jenny, reading her card from us. She seemed excited that it was a homemade card. Don't you just love giving cards and gifts to people who appreciate them? Yeah, me too. :o)))
Kelley, dd#1, did a drawing for Ashley and Blake in pink and black and it shows the boy kissing the girl and says, "Kiss the Cook". Cute huh? I didn't get a picture of it other than this one.
It was a fun day. Ashley got lots of wonderful gifts and a nice start to their lives together.


Laura-IH said...

Oh, that sounds like a fun shower. Incidentally, spring has not arrived in northern MN. I thought it had, but no. Today, we are having a blizzard. Sigh. Can I come and stay with you? : )

Conni said...

So, how did she like the potholders??? Your daughter is so very talented with her artwork. What a wonderful gift to give.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love showers!!!!! I love buying gifts and going to them. So much fun!