Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quarter Square-Bonus-Half Square-Bonus

Last week I posted that I was working on quarter square triangles or QST's for a swap. I got my sets done and did a few extra in case there are some no-shows. They were so quick to sew together, a few extras was easy as could be. Here they are in civil war reproductions and shirting fabrics.

And on each Triangulations paper that I used for these QST's, there was a little bonus half square triangle on two corners of the pattern paper. So with my little bonus HST's, I made this....

I'm going to a retreat in May and you're supposed to take a mini scrappy quilt. I think I might quilt this one up for the exchange. Practically the only people who read my blog will be at this retreat so it's a bit of a party pooper post to ruin the surprise but I didn't want you to think I'm sitting around not doing anything. :o)

And a while back, my daughter Stephanie made a baby quilt for a co-worker. She did big snowball blocks and nine patches. As she was sewing the squares for the snowball blocks on, I told her to stitch another seam 1/2" away from the first diagonal seam and we would have some hst's we could use for the border or something. I had to step in and do something because there was so much fabric she was going to cut off and toss. God forbid!!! LOL Well, she trimmed the off, made her quilt and the hst's have been sitting on my sewing table for months now. While I was ironing my little CW hst's, I decided to press the pink ones open too.

There are only enough hst's to make 4 star blocks like this one but I think I have the perfect fabric to go in the middle. It should make a cute bitty quilt for somebody. Knowing Stephanie, she'll want it for her table or something. And that's fine. As long as all that fabric didn't go in the trash! LOL


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I have never seen that paper before. It looks like it might make it easier. I have not learned how to make QSTS yet. I love Cw fabric so that little mini quilt is wonderful!

Reeze Hanson said...

Liz where do you get the triangulations paper? Or is computer generated? I may just have to try those. Thanks, Reeze