Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Beach International Quilt Festival

A group of us girls went to the Long Beach quilt show. A first this year in California so anybody who's anybody and lives in CA surely had to be there!! haha They only had three ticket booths for a couple hundred or so quilters. What were they thinking!!! The line moved okay though and there was a cool breeze from the ocean so no complaints.
I saw people I knew in line to get in and bumped into people I knew at the show. I'm telling you, this place was happening! My sister and her friends went too. We had a coffee break together and compared our throbbing feet! LOL
I was surprised at how few quilts there were compared to the vendors. There were no ribbon winners, just exhibits. And I found some pretty quilts but it was agreed by all of us traditional quilt lovers, it was too artsy. LOL There were some beauties though. Like this one.....

And this one... which was on the cover of the quilt show brochure. Beautiful, isn't it?
This was a quilt shop in Kansas a friend told us to look for. And can you see that crowd? It was like that throughout the entire show. It didn't stop us from shopping though. We just used our elbows to push our way through. LOL
I was a pretty good girl. I have so many projects to do now, it's not funny. So a little of this and a little of that and I am happy. And this show was the week after our quilt run so how much stuff can a girl have anyway? :o)

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