Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, since my last post, I took some classes at our local camp that the Orange County Guild puts on. I took them with my sister Isabel and the instructor was Sharyn Craig. She is a great instructor!! One class was the Glorified Nine Patch pictured below. My sister used 30's fabrics and I used Civil War repro's and shirtings. I LOVE 30's but have several quilts out of those fabrics and thought I should travel to the dark side for a little while. LOL

Um, you might have noticed that Miss Speedy up there has way more blocks done than me. Well, I was working on some swap blocks while she was putting the petal to the metal on her blocks. Some older sisters are such show offs. lol

And these bright yellow babies are the swap I hostessed on Backporch Friends, a Yahoo group.
I worked up the kaliedescope block in EQ6 and requested butter colored fabrics, 5 blocks with white blades and 5 with yellow blades. They make a circular secondary pattern which I love. I think I'd like make 6 more blocks to make a nice sized lap quilt.

After all the fun at quilt camp, Isabel and I started our local Quilt Run that started last Thursday. We left camp and hit one shop and then went and got my friend Sherrie. The shops all gave away closinae charms to celebrate their 10th year. So we got those at each shop and a few choice pieces of fabric. LOL One of my favorite shops is Cozy Cottage. It's probably the closest to me and the owner, Kris has a great selection of 30's fabrics right by the front door. It's like she designed the shop with me in mind. hehe Anyway, we had a great time. We hit all the shops in our area, 9 I think, in two days.

On Saturday, Isabel headed back home and Sherrie and I hit three shops in Murrieta and Temecula. Two of the shops were sure worth the drive. About 30 miles I think. The first one was a bust. We found out later the owner has the shop up for sale so she didn't even have a breath mint to give away. Pooey! Not only that but she didn't have the pins she was supposed to have. She was giving away some she had from last year. It was sorry to say the least. Good thing the other shops made up for it. We hadn't been out there before but we made nice deposits in the next two stores. And we were so convinced we weren't going to buy anything!! HA!!!! The Quilters Coop is in a downtown area with quaint gift shops and restaraunts. I tried to find the website but I guess they don't have one. Take my word for it, if you're in the area, go there! Great patterns, gift items, retro fabrics and lots of samples. The other shop was Temecula Quilt Co. This store wasn't big and not a typical quilt shop. Kind of simple in design but oh, the yummy "cupcakes" and minis. There are 39 shops total participating and I might do a few more shops this weekend but not all of them. I have the energy but not the wallet!!!! LOL


Kris said...

Thanks for stopping by you lucky girl!!! It was fun to visit with you!

3anklebiters said...

great blocks you and your sister are making! love both sets.

ojaiquilter said...

Thanks for the plug Liz, I had a great time and can't wait until we do it again. Your yellow blocks are looking good.