Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You would think I would be used to the earth moving under my feet. After all, I've never lived anywhere but California. But it still gets me every time. Yesterdays quake was 5.4. It packed quite a jolt. I went home from work at lunchtime and most of the house was in tact. A few things on the floor here and there. But when I got to my sewing room, poor Wee Willie Winkie was on the floor. At first I thought she only had a broken thumb. There was no blood so there was no need to call 9-1-1. lol I went back to work and it wasn't until I got home and went in to sew that I noticed she had more than a broken thumb.
There was something rattling under her sock. Roh-oh-Relroy! She had a broken leg. But look at her! She's still smiling. This girl's my hero! I'll have to stop and get some super glue and mend her. I never did find her thumb. Poor Shirley! :o(

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ojaiquilter said...

Oh, how sad is that, I think you need to see if you can find that doll with the red/white dress to replace her. lol