Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Primer Is Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our oldest daughter moved out about a month ago. She had moved back in after graduating from college and was beside herself that she lived at home at 28 years old! She said it was embarrassing. OK ~ get out! LOL Just kidding. My husband didn't even let the cobwebs settle before he went on an ebay shopping spree to fill up that room! He bought a pool table, Galaga arcade game and air hockey table. At first I thought he was doing it to keep me from taking it over for a sewing studio or to keep the girls from thinking that room is available for any of them to even think about moving back home! lol But my friend Angela said he was probably afraid we'd move my mother in!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so I went and bought some creamy colored paint for three walls and wanted to add a splash of red.....because every room in the house needs some RED, right? :o) But this primer they sold me is scary looking. It's a combination between orange, red and pink.
My youngest daughter came over yesterday with her boyfriend and we painted while my hubby was at work. We had President's Day off. Woohoo! It was nice to have the day off but I probably worked harder than I EVER would've if I had been at work!
I bought some cool 50's diner/pin-up girl fabric for curtains. It will add some color since there's no room for furniture in here.


3anklebiters said...

My hubby would be so jealous of the game room, it is shaping up nicely. Good luck on the red paint.

Deb said...

Mine would be jealous too, but I am thinking he might get his own room soon. DS is looking for a house up town. Yikes, this may mean I have to paint! No red tho! Must see those curtains when you get them done!