Monday, July 17, 2017

Block #3, Key Hole Block

I'm still chugging along on Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along.  Of course, it's only been three weeks.  lol  I usually do pretty good on starting things and then something in my life happens and it all gets pushed on the back burner.  But this is only one block a week and so far life has been calmer.  It's much easier to keep up then with the Bonnie Hunter mysteries.  For me anyway.

This block is called Key Holder. 

I had a long dry spell without going to a quilt shop so a while back I decided to take two quilts to be longarm quilted.  I had made some money selling some things on craigslist so I figured, what the heck.  I wanted to check some UFOs off my list and this should help.  

I went to the Orange Quilt Bee and saw a class for a mini sampler out of Civil War Repro fabrics and the blocks can be anywhere from 3-6 inches. I haven't taken a class in a long time so I signed up.  It was fun and I had a good time, met some nice ladies and the teacher was great.  The first thing she had me do was make two nine patches to work on accuracy.  I needed to slow down a bit and with the help from the teacher, my blocks measured exactly 3 1/2".

After I set up at the class, I found out it wasn't actually for the entire sampler. *disappointment*  But it's not a total loss.  I picked a block off the sampler and we drew it up.  I used the Eleanor Burns method and ruler to make the flying geese.

I laughed that this little itty bitty block and my two little nine patches took almost three hours.  Learning takes time.  But look at those points!!  And this block measured a perfect 3 1/2" too.  :)

I'm enjoying being back in my sewing room. I got to move into our 400 sq. ft. room addition a few months ago and it's been a long process.  I am a clutter gal by nature and have lived in this house for over 33 years. It means there have been a lot of things that got put in boxes that don't necessarily have a place to go now.  It means sorting and purging.  And because I don't always want to do it (cuz I'd rather be playing with fabric!) there have been a few boxes stacked up waiting for me to sort them out.  I have three left and decided this is the week to get through them!  I did one today and have piles all over the cutting table.  lol  Tomorrow is another day!

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