Monday, April 8, 2013

Fabric Box

It was my middle daughters birthday yesterday.  We are going to dinner to celebrate tonight and she just wanted $$ for her present this year.  I found this little fabric box/basket tutorial last week and wanted to try making some.  This was the perfect opportunity.  I will tuck her card inside and some money and it will be a two-fer gifty.

The blog that the pattern is from is Seaside Stitches and it's a great tutorial with lots of pictures.  It's very easy and cute as can be with just two 10" squares of fabrics, a piece of batting and 4 buttons.  You can see I have a printed copy of the tutorial.  I am a visual person and need to refer to patterns quite often.  The printed directions are better for me to have in my sewing room as my computer is in another room.

Look!  It looks just like the picture!!  Shocking.  lol

And here it is all done with the buttons on.  Soooo cute!!

I suppose I ought to take my things out of it and put the birthday card inside.  :o(  I guess this means back to the sewing machine for me!  hehe


Impera_Magna said...

That is sooooooo cute! I gotta make me one of those!!! *lol*

What a great present and YES! You do need one all of your own...

Tina Craig said...

Great job, Liz! I love your fabrics and the red buttons.

The Other Barb said...

How cute! I'm going to make one of these for sure...maybe two or three of them!