Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Civil War Log Cabin

Sooo, I went sewing again on Saturday.  I went to my friend Susan's house for a little sew-in, sleepover.  Yes, I am making the most of my time with my hubby gone and her hubby was out of town so what else would two sewing fools do?

Susan is the friend who was also working on the Civil War log cabin blocks with me last weekend at our little retreat.  I think I had about 14 made at the end of last weekend and I got 10 more made on Saturday.  It was a pretty little stack!

I got the rows laid out on the design wall and tried to decide what setting to do.  There are so many choices with a log cabin.  Maybe that's why it's a favorite of so many.  I tried the Fields and Furrows but had already made one of those. 

I put them in the Barn Door setting and decided that would be the one to do.  BUT....instead of the center being the dark fabrics, I used the light side for a 'shirting' center.  Man, I just love those shirting fabrics!!!

That gave me full dark diamond in the middle of the quilt.  For some reason this looked better to me.  I stitched all the rows together and love the scrappiness of this one.  I'm out of batting so it will have to wait for my order to come in.  I'm not sure if I'll grid quilt it or do some feathers.  I have a pretty stencil that just might work but we'll see.


The Other Barb said...

LOVE it!!

Terry said...

Your quilt looks great! I think I need to start collecting shirting fabrics! :0)