Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another Baby Shower....check!

Finished this baby quilt earlier this week.  The daddy-to-be is a policeman so when I found this adorable fabric, I had to get it.  Yes, the fabric for this quilt were new purchases but the backing was from my stash!  That almost makes it okay, right?  :o)

The back was not this washed out but a bright yellow with little confetti dots.  For the quilting, I stitched over the wavy road that was on the blue car print.  I kind of followed that same wave for the green check.  Every row was stitched in the ditch also.

Here you can see it a little closer.

Here is the label I made.

Here is the card I made. I found it on Pinterest and changed it up a little bit.


Impera_Magna said...

What PERFECT fabric for this baby quilt! Great job!

Love the card too... it's darling!

Michelle said...

You are the baby quilt queen! I love those quickie strippies and this one is is the card!