Monday, November 5, 2012

Old Stuff, New Stuff

I started working on these Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks when my youngest was playing softball on a travel team.  They were good to take along and work on under a shade tree while she played her games.  Fast forward about six years.....and I'm still making these blocks.  Obviously, I don't work on them often or there would be many, many more blocks.  I have decided I'm never going to have enough to make a big quilt so I'm going to cut background fabric and machine applique these onto the background and make Ashley a baby quilt.  She's not pregnant but at the speed I work, I better get started.  LOL
My sister, Isabel made me these adorable towels.  She made three sets, one for me, one for herself and one for her daughter-in-law.  They are super cute in person and sure make my kitchen brighter and ready for some pumpkin pie and turkey!  (Now if someone would just tell Mother Nature it's fall and we could get rid of these 90 degree days!!)

And here are some of the make-up (or goodie) bags I've been working on.  Mustaches...

Day of the Dead...with dingle balls of course.  lol

And 'bugs' and pink and orange

And pink and black.  I love this color combination!

I read my ballot over the last few days and I'm ready to vote.  When you watch all this tv and listen to the radio ads, doesn't it make you think....the things we could get done in this nation if we put that money to use to fix our problems instead of all the blah, blah, blah!

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3anklebiters said...

your makeup bags are marvelous, especially those with mustaches! loving the hexi blocks.