Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Craft Time

This isn't a great picture but I wanted to share this photo from the craft show we did last Wednesday night.  Wow, it's already been a week.  Where are the days going???  Kelley (oldest daughter) and I shared a table and we though maybe next month, we'll get two.  lol  Kelley did the best she's ever done at this show and there was barely a crowd.  We will do it again in December and hope for a better turn out and in turn, better sales.  Woo hoo!


Kelley called Monday night and asked me if I thought I could make small pilgrim hats for some little people she was making for Thanksgiving.  She was making sets of one pilgrim boy and a turkey.  The boy has a typical pilgrim hairdo with bangs and a sort of pageboy cut.  She said without a hat, he looks sort of like a girl.  Didn't all pilgrims with those lovely hairdos?  :o) 
So....feeling up for a challenge, I got out my circle die from Stampin' Up! and picked the two smallest circles and cut out some felt.  I made an arc for the hat and got my tacky glue out.  This is what I came up with but the top circle had to be cut out by hand.  I didn't have anything small enough.  WHAT???  I must be missing a tool.  LOL  The soda cap is from a 2 liter bottle so you can see what size they are.
I finished them off with a buckle from a Stampin' Up set I had from a few years ago and some black satin ribbon.  Here they are but the glue hadn't completely dried yet.  It dried clear so they looked better.
Kelley's supposed to come over tonight and we'll see how the hats fit.  I tried one of these on my little monster she painted me and it looked really cute.  I'll see if she'll "allow me" to share a picture with you.  I think she's afraid she'll get more orders.  lol


The Other Barb said...

Cutest pilgrim hats ever! Hope you both do well at the craft shows in the coming weeks.

Michelle said...

Those are awesome! You are so creative!