Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shoppin' and sewin'...

I got up this morning and went to Joann's to buy some fusible fleece for some bags I'm going to be making for the bridesmaids for my daughter's wedding. While there, I saw a couple things that caught my eye. I don't know if these bags are new or not but I love them. And the handles made to look like measuring tape is too cute! I didn't buy one because I saw them after I had checked out and went back to check a price on something. (Darn it!!)

And I thought this wall vinyl design was adorable but my poor sewing room hasn't got an inch of space available so I left it at the store. If you have room in your sewing room, they are $14.99 but with a coupon........ :o)

After leaving those goodies at the store and only leaving with what I went for (pat on the back and only a little white lie LOL), I got in my sewing room and started on the bag for my soon-bride-to-be daughter, Ashley. She picked out the pattern when we stopped at a quilt shop on a trip home from looking at bridesmaid dresses. I got the upper focus fabric from her friend Mailie. She's the girl who got married in January and I made make-up bags for her bridesmaids described here. She gave me two pieces of fabric. I used the black and white quilted fabric which was the color of her wedding and this was left over. I used it for Ashley's bag thinking if the bag was a flop, at least I was only out the free fabric but it's a cute bag. I just couldn't finish the straps because I didn't buy any cotton strapping, which I need to cover for the straps.

The bag measures about 14 x 20" so it's a nice size travel bag. This one will come in handy for appointments or honeymoon travels. :o)

One bag down, 9 more to go!

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