Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year

Happy 2011! Hubby and I went downtown with some friends. It's a family-friendly environment with some bands, a kiddie train and lots and lots of people. We get treated to fireworks at midnight so it's a fun way to bring in the new year. I hope you had fun bringing in the new year in your neck of the woods!

My youngest daughter's friend Mailei is getting married Saturday and asked if I would make make-up bags for the bridesmaids. She mailed me this fabric so I used it without adding any lining since it's pre-quilted. Of course the holidays are too busy to do any 'extra' crafting so these had to wait until this week. Argh, it's a close call for a wedding this Saturday but these are done so woohoo!

The wedding colors are black and yellow and even though the wedding yellow isn't this bright, the bride gave me the okay to use what I had, this bright yellow ribbon. I stitched on a little lace or rick-rack and added a button and all done. All eight of them!

(Second wedding with this color combo. Must be popular!)

I still need to make the bride a little bag for the dollar dance so I'm cutting it close and I need to have my eyes dilated tomorrow after work. I don't know if I'll be able to see well enough to sew tomorrow or not. Hmmm, I wonder how many favors my husband owes me? LOL
I was trying to get this done by Thursday night so my daughter could take these items with her to the rehearsal dinner. At least I got the bags done so she can fill them "in her leisure". :o) That brides purse might have to be special delivery the day of the wedding.


Michelle said...

Great little bag, Liz! You are so talented!! :)

ojaiquilter said...

Great job. I love the little button you added. I know you will get it all done!!

The Other Barb said...

your blog name IS " Busy Liz" and you live up to that name :)These make-up bags are adorable. I'm sure the girls will love them. Best wishes to your daughter.Hope her day is beautiful!

The Other Barb said...

oops...re-read your post. it's your daughter's friend that's getting married... still hoping the friend has a beautiful day :)