Friday, May 13, 2011

When you can't make `em..... `em!! Honestly, I practically "own" a fabric store in my sewing room but the "little" wedding details for my daughter's wedding are taking a lot of my spare time so....when I went to get lunch today, I saw an 'Estate Sale' sign. Errrrrrrt! Put the brakes on and off I went. There were lots of old toys (collector type) and antiques but this was an Estate Sale company so things were priced a little high. At least, higher than a yard sale so I passed on most of it. I hope I didn't get taken on this quilt....
It was marked $100 and marked down to $75. I offered $45 for it and the worker-bee said they would take $50. I himmmed and hawed and bought it. I can't tell if the fabrics are 40's, 50's or 80's. LOL The binding and backing are very white compared to the quilt top so I'm thinking it was a top that got newly finished.
I loved the quilting and I'm thinking it doesn't look store-bought or like some it was made in China.
The back is plain white but it really shows the quilting.
I will NEVER hand quilt anything I make so this is the only way I'll have something hand quilted. :o)

The front has several stains, almost like smokers stains but it doesn't stink, so it is soaking right now in the washer. We'll see how it comes out after a bath! hehe


Impera_Magna said...

Pretty quilt... if you like it and enjoy using it, who cares if it's an antique or not?

The Other Barb said...

a pretty quilt indeed. A lot of hand quilting in this so the $50 was well spent I think.