Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring forward, Spring cleaning!

This post (from the pack rat) is being made while I take a break from cleaning, sorting and trying to organize. My paper crafting space is/was out of control. I don't have a very big surface for making cards and when the little table is covered with junk, papers, print outs, etc., it's even harder.

Yesterday and today were sort of stay home days. No plans really so I dug in. My sister works at a school and they had a yard sale. She grabbed me some white shelves that were new in the package for $2.00 each. Yeehaw! I moved my metal racks, which left me holes to patch but I'm sure that won't get done. I asked hubby where the paint is from this room and I got "the look" like you're kidding me right? :o) So, the holes will stay but it's okay. I've got enough going on to not even see little holes in the wall. Lots of cleaning and I found a table for making cards. Yay!!!!

I kind of messed up though because my wire baskets used to hang from the racks. When I moved them, I forgot about leaving space for the baskets to hang so now they are using my shelf I wanted for table-top stuff. Argh....I guess I should've hired an engineer for this project. LOL
I also hung up another magnet strip that I got from the Crate & Barrel outlet a few months ago. I had some miscellaneous tins that I needed another strip for so that's up too. Check!

And while I was at it, I cleaned up my ribbon basket and my paper. Gotta get back to work. For this side of the spare bedroom to look this good, I had to move a lot of junk. And guess where it is? On the other side of the room. LOL Breaks over!

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Impera_Magna said...

Beautimous! Nothing like newly straightened up craft/sewing areas....