Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boy, did I get a scare!!!

When I did my post yesterday posting pictures of my cards and talking about National Quilting Day, I tried to make some edits but Blogger wouldn't let me. It also gave me trouble when trying to save my current comments. I finally decided to just leave it and posted it as is. Then tonight my sister called me and asked what happened to my blog? "What? Nothing, it's still there." "Oh no it isn't" she says. ACK!!! That was kind of scary. I know I'm not selling anything and there are only a few people who actually read this thing but still. I never really thought of it but I kind of had this feeling like this stuff would at least be here until I didn't want it here anymore. I guess
Blogger showed me!!! But I'm back for now, so "WHEW!".

Yesterday and today I worked on making five more Jared Takes a Wife blocks. Then I laid the blocks on my bed to see if I had enough. I think I do. I'll need about a 12" border all the way around so once I get the sashing on, I'll have to see if I have to go fabric shopping. Until now, all of the blocks were from stash except for the sashing. But I'm not sure what will look good until the top is done.

My sister Isabel sent me a link to Holly Holderman's site so I thought I would share it too. If you go to her site, she has a Tip page and right here, and she gives a great tip on sashing. Now, I am not a perfectionist sewer so my blocks are not always the perfect size so I don't do as she says for cutting the fabric on grain. I need the stretch so I can ease in my blocks (sometimes). Other than that, I liked the idea. For my blocks, I put thin strips of painters tape on my ruler so I could mark the sashing strips with an erasable marker.
There were four places I wanted to make my marks so this is the view of the whole section.

And though it took me a while to do it, and caused some pinning on each block, the finished result is worth it. As Isabel told me, with my star points being red, it would probably show quite a bit if the blocks weren't evenly stitched across from each other. I'll have to do the same thing with the the sashing when attaching the rows. :o(
Off to get some sleep so I can pretend to be awake at work tomorrow. It's been raining pretty hard here all day and the wind has been blowing. Maybe a tree will fall in my driveway like I saw on the news and I can stay home tomorrow. LOL Okay, probably not......


Impera_Magna said...

I love those blocks... your quilt is going to be beautiful!

The Other Barb said...

This is a beautiful quilt Liz! Glad you are back in blogland. We'd miss you.

Michelle said...

Love, love, love your blocks!! That sashing tip is a great one!

ojaiquilter said...

I know it was more work but they look great!! You'll thank me when its done and you love the way it came out. lol