Monday, February 21, 2011


After unpacking all of my stuff from the cabin trip, I thought I would play with my machine a little bit and try some quilting. I've had the machine a year and have yet to get the single needle plate to work. It keeps getting caught on the bobbin somehow. I guess I'll have to take it back to the shop and sit down with somebody and see if it's the machine or Operator Error. :o) While switching out the needle plates, I decided to clean the machine. I don't use good thread. I buy the Coats & Clark at Joann's or at the local shops when they're on sale. I've cleaned this machine before but didn't realize the bobbin holder pops out. And look at what I got when it fell out when I pulled out the bobbin! Dang, if I was fishing, I would call this one the "Whopper"!! If I was a cat, that would be considered one heck of a fur ball!! lol

In case you need to do this to your machine, my sister gave me a hint a long time ago. Spray a little WD40 on your q-tips and all of this junk and fuzz, threads, etc. will stick to the q-tip for easy removal. If it's been a little while since you cleaned out your machine, maybe now would be a good time......go ahead, I'll wait. :o)

I pulled some more greens and creams from my stash so I could get a few more blocks made for my Jared quilt. I think when I get these done, I might have enough for the top.

Well, I better go get busy cuz I don't think they're going to sew themselves together!! Happy Monday!


Impera_Magna said...

That is indeed one big lint ball.... I need to delint mine. Thanks for sharing the WD-40 + Q-tip trick... I will be using that for sure!!!

PEGGY said...

OMG Missy.....I could say, you been doing a lot of sewing or I could say Miz Lizzie, you been remiss in cleaning....either way, that's one big ole hairball!!!!
I remember Michelle did that and sent me the picture of her lintball and that really got me to the point of cleaning my machine once a month or so. You never know what you'll find down there!!! Thanks for the reminder!

ojaiquilter said...

That thar could be your problem missy lol

greetingarts said...

Uh, WOW! That's hilarious. I've got to do that, too... I'm sewing up my Bulls Eye blocks right now and I betcha things will go more smoothly once I get out that Qtip!