Sunday, February 6, 2011

Answer Forum

I was going to answer your questions in email but thought maybe others would want to know to. So here's for your inquiring minds. :o)

*Impera Magna - How long does it take to make one favor?
I used a die cutter called a
Petal Cone. So you have to cut paper the right size and then roll them through The Big Shot machine. Because this favor needs to hold candy, you need to use "sticky" tape or red tape. That's probably what takes the longest. It would be much faster if we could use a tape runner. Once we decide what favor we'll make, we'll have an assembly party and it shouldn't be too many hours.

*Conni - How big is it?
It measures about 2 3/4" x 4 3/4". That might be why we either modify this favor or use a different one. It's a little big, especially if we're filling it up with chocolate. We saw a way to trim the bottom off and it looks a little like a small Chinese take out container. We'll keep playing until we get it right. Oh darn. :o)

*Isabel - How did you add the edging?
If you look at the link above for the Petal Cone, you can see the die shape and there is also a half scallop and a banner. You have to cut the cone twice so you have both sides (for a 4 sided cone) and if you put an accent color on the half scallop, you get the accent color piece. It sounds like more work than it is.

I went to a workshop with my daughter Stephanie today. We made 8 projects and they were cute! I'm going to go sit behind the sewing machine for a little while and then take pictures of the goodies we made. I hope to post them tomorrow.