Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bring on the dollar dance!

I had my eye appointment last night but didn't have to get them dilated after all so woohoo, sewing time!!! I got the bride's little purse made, though I was up til the wee hours of the morning doing it. lol The bride, Mailei picked the fabric which is a cotton blend from Joann's. I laughed when I got this finished as I think they bought two yards and I think I might've used a quarter of a yard, maybe!

I am pleased with the finished product since I have such a hard time making things without a pattern. You know how you picture something in your head but getting out of that cranium is challenging! :o) I don't have enough experience making bags to 'whip one up' so it was tough to figure out how things go together........(see of you can stay with me here) like how to sew the lining to the outside fabric so the seam would be hidden once I folded the right side of the fabric down a bit for the ruffle. You know? I put the pieces the way they "should" be and then reached inside the bag and pinned it so I would know how to sew it together. It was pretty funny actually. A little tweak of my head and I got it. lol

And since I didn't really know what I was going to make, I had to use things from my stash. I didn't have any pretty satin cording for a purse and fabric handles would've been too thick so I decided to use ribbon. I had a pretty satin one but it was too wide and the purse wouldn't pull closed, you had to force it with your hands. Not good for a bride on the dance floor. The grosgrain was kind of hum drum so I went through my craft stuff and found these little silver charms and some leftover beads from a Christmas snowflake craft. They've been in my craft room forever and recently I thought about throwing them in the donation pile. Glad I didn't do that!! They were just enough 'bling' on the ribbon to dress this up a tiny bit. (I sewed them on with quilting thread.)

That dressed it up just enough. When searching the internet for ideas, all I could find were pretty dainty satin bags. This needed a little something else and those little dangles did the job. When I talked to the bride on the phone the other night she said, "Anything will do Liz. I would just like something to tuck a lip gloss in and maybe to hold for the dollar dance." I think she'll like it.

On to my UFO's, blocks, quilts, charms..........


ojaiquilter said...

Applause, applause, you did a great job. She could use that for other occasions too.

Conni said...

BRAVO! You did a fantastic job, Liz. And as your sister said, she can easily use the bag for other occasions.

The Other Barb said...

This is so cute. Great job!