Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I have seen and haven't seen...

Over the last few days, I have seen a lot of this...

but not much of this... :o(

Holidays are wonderful but they do require some work and for me, that usually means some tidying up. So I've been busy, cleaning and shopping for our Thanksgiving meal. Tonight I have my pumpkin pies in the oven but I have a pumpkin-pie-eating monster so I'll be surprised if I have one left on Thursday. Good thing my niece is bringing one and my daughter is baking another dessert.

Before I am gone off the blog for a few days, I thought I would share a few crafty pics. Last week on craft night, I made this big mess making some of the little acorn favor boxes for Thanksgiving shown here from my daughter's Stampin' Up! party. I guess that fix will have to hold me over for a little while since I'll be in the kitchen for the next few days.

My sister asked me to post a picture of a card I helped my friend Nora make on craft night. The card was very simple, using white cardstock in a 'gatefold' style and embossed with dots by running it through the Bit Shot machine. We added a band of decorative cardstock around the card and then a stamped image. Very quick card, especially using just two colors. Here is a great tutorial on gatefold cards if you'd like to try one. I have a paper cutter with scorelines marked for the gatefold which makes it easy to do without the measuring.

And now back to reality and cleaning. I bought groceries yesterday and had to move the old cans forward, fresh stuff in the back. I ended up cleaning the entire pantry. My youngest daughter says I do that every year but she must be wrong because I threw away four trash bags full of expired food, some as old as 2008!! Grrrr, that made me mad until I looked inside the clean pantry. (I use the term "pantry" loosely as this is tiny in comparison to some but at least I have one.) :o)

Someday I'll change that old fruity shelf liner...... Off to go clean up the kitchen from making my pumpkin pies. I hope I have some playtime tomorrow after I get my veggies cut up fo rmy stuffing and another dessert made. I miss my sewing room and Christmas is just around the corner. Ack!!

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The Other Barb said...

always enjoy reading your blog Liz. Happy Thanksgiving!