Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snowmen and a merry "Mary" quilt

My little sister, Virginia, and her friend Rachel came over on Saturday from San Diego. My friend Nora came over too so we had a fun crafting time and sleepover. That was fun stuff but boy, did it wear me out.
You might remember these little Hershey covered snowmen from last year. Here is a link to the blog post with a link for the download. My sister works at a credit union and wanted to make these for her Christmas party.

I got the fleece at Joann's while she was driving over. And man was I jealous when I found this one because it's waaaay cuter than the fleece I bought last year for my snowmen. Go figure!

Virgie also brought over these little 'men' for a little color. She wants to use them for pinning up her Christmas cards but they were just plain wood with little faces. My oldest daughter Kelley grabbed a couple of Stampin' Up! markers instead of paint and did one up. Virgie loved it but Kelley left for the night so Nora ended up coloring them for Virgie. I guess she didn't get the coloring gene. :o)

I need to stop over at Michael's to see if they have any more of these. Too dang cute. if all of that crafting wasn't enough, my sister and her friend left and my middle daughter came over to work on a signature quilt she is making (I use that term loosely!!!) for a manager who is leaving the hospital where she works. She "borrowed" some Mary Englebriet fabric from my stash and figured out the layout. Then, "Because you sew so much faster mom", I sewed the rows together and borders on while she pressed and pinned.

It came out pretty cute and they still have several people to sign it. We started it on Sunday at around four o'clock and were dead tired at 7:30 but we had a finished top.
At first, all you saw was the red and white top but we kept playing with the border fabric and finally got this one. It's amazing how now, you don't even notice there isn't any yellow in the blocks.

I did a tiny folded solid red border and it really made a difference.

One of the siggy blocks.

I barely made it to work today. On top of all that fun crafting, I laid down in bed and it started.... This hormonal can't go to sleep thing. I'm gonna have to resort to some type of drug, I think because being sleep deprived isn't working for me. Yawwwwwn..........


Robin said...

omg I remember those little snowmen!! I want to make some this year!!! Thanks for jogging my memory Liz :) The clothespins are too cute too and I love the quilt with the ME fabs too!!

Conni said...

The clothespins are adorable! And I made some of those snowmen last year from your link...they were a hit!

The Other Barb said...

you come up with the cutest things! Love these snowmen!!

Sorry you aren't sleeping. I can sympathize with you :(

ojaiquilter said...

Liz, I agree the fabric for the Santa's is adorable. Who knew Virgie had a frufru side(her chlothes pins). And that quilt is too cute as usual. I know I have that fabric. I will see if I have enough to share.

Michelle said...

You are so creative Liz! Your creations always make me smile. :) Your house is just crafting central with all those friends, huh?