Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yaaaarrrrrd Sale!!!!

Earlier this week my daughter sent me an email link from Craig's List that there was a yard sale happening on Friday (yesterday). They advertised a Cricut machine, scrapbooking stuff and craft items so we had to check it out....even though we have no business buying anything. :o) I asked my boss if I could go in an hour (or so) late. Thankfully she said YES because man, oh, man......what a sale!!

Do you see the Cricut machine? No? It's there. It's just buried under the motherload of stuff we got! I looked at some of the used cutting mats and they have images of the words 'school' and ABC's cut out. I think someone said the woman was a retired teacher. She was in her 80's and her kids were running the sale but they kept having to ask "Mom" for prices. I just wanted supplies but she wouldn't sell anything separate. She was asking $200 for the entire lot. I got there before my daughter, told her what the woman said and she hit the ATM before she met me there. I hadn't gotten paid yet and had $60 my hubby gave me to go. The price included the Cricut personal cutting machine, which neither me or my daughter need. She has the bigger Expression and I have a personal Cricut cutter. We'll go through everything on Sunday and figure out what we will part with and sell, probably to my sister. (We're dragging her down with us. LOL)

So here's what we got...

These are some of the cartridges. I have three of these already so the duplicates will go. :o) Stephanie said she lives close enough to share them so we don't need duplicates.

And there were these mini cartridges. There were two Home Accent cartridges, one to keep, one for sale. That one has some cool accents for vinyl wall art. Yeah!!

There was a tool kit, a brand new Alphalicious cartridge, three packages of replacement blades.....

Four new packages of replacement mats (2 in each), 5 slightly used mats, Cricut Design Studio software, a roll of vinyl covering, a paper cutter and a bag full of 12 x 12 decorative paper.

Before my daughter got to the sale, I bought this box of scrapping stuff which included two circle cutters, four paper stacks, jumbo circle punch, etc., etc. She wanted $10 for it.

I can hardly wait for Sunday to play with our new toys!!


PEGGY said...

OMG, you did hit the motherlode!!
Enjoy all your goodies!!!

The Other Barb said...

HOLY SMOKES!! you did hit the motherlode!! I'm so exciterd for you!

3anklebiters said...

what a haul!