Monday, October 4, 2010

Wedding Favors `R Us!

******From the comments I've gotten, I should've mentioned Jessica is my friend Sherrie's daughter. She is getting married in a couple of weeks. Now, onto to the show...........

Here is Jessica, the little bride-to-be! She picked from the wedding favor samples (you can see them
here) that my friend Neena and I worked up a few weeks ago. We had a "favor making party" on Thursday night.

Jessica's colors are black and white with yellow roses. Pretty combination. This is the little sister, Dani. Dani got a few hand cramps with the Supervisor (me) pushing her to curl 750 petals. Poor overworked munchkin. But look at her, still smiling.

This is the finished favor. A label will be put on somewhere with the Bride & Grooms names and their wedding date on there. Some flowers have a rhinestone, some have pearls.

They all have chocolate. Yum. Four little Hershey's Nuggets fit inside - plain chocolate, dark chocolate, with almonds and with toffee. There were a few missing out of the package. We still can't figure that one out. ;o)

Lots of pretty little blossoms.

Tonight or tomorrow I will post pictures of the things we made at my sister's stamp party on Saturday. Ohhhh, such fun stuff. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


The Other Barb said...

oh my...all those yellow petals to curl! Glad your sister is still smiling :) What cute wedding favors .

3anklebiters said...

weddings are such fun. when is it?