Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sea Sick

I haven't posted in FOREVER!!!! I've been a busy girl. I hosted a swap on a Yahoo group. We did this Storm at Sea in batiks. I don't do batiks normally. I participated in the swap and had to go shopping for fabric. Can you imagine? I will need to make some additional 3" blocks for the cornerstones and diamonds for the outer border. I think I have enough fabric left for a border. Hopefully this one won't go in the UFO pile but there are so many in front of it in line. What to do, what to do??
Speaking of buying fabric, my boss came over with her daughter last weekend. She wanted to borrow my Cricut to cut out letters for a presentation she had for school. As I helped Mariah, the 10 year old daughter, my boss sat in my sewing room looking around. The closet door was open where she saw sweater box after sweater box of fabric. Below that, big bins with drawers full of fabric as well. She asked, "Uh Liz, do you think you have enough fabric?" What? Uh.... NO! She obviously doesn't sew! Amateurs!

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