Friday, March 14, 2008

The Frosting on the Cake!!!

Wednesday was my boss's 25th Anniversary. Normally, we wouldn't celebrate something personal like this in the office but it has been a long time since we've had dessert or a celebration so I thought I would bake her a cake. I baked two 8" round cakes and while they were in the oven, I got out my recipe book and started the buttercream icing. Looking good so far. A little messy with the puff of powdered sugar but that'll clean up quick. I was doing some dishes while the icing was whipping around in the bowl and um, hey, something doesn't look quite right. ??? It should still work right? Hmmmm.....
I think my Crisco was old. Gone are the days where people used it up by the gallon frying chicken or in my case, my mom making refried beans (splashing grease all over the stovetop by the way! lol). A big container of Crisco better get used right away otherwise, it gets stale. Stale? Icky? Tastes bad! lol The icing was seedy looking. And hey, everybody knows it's not how it looks but how it tastes so I put in my finger. Blech! Concensus? It tastes bad. :o(It's okay. I'm over it. I went to the store. Nine o'clock at night. Picked up 3 packs of strawberries and some cool whip. Strawberry shortcake it is! This is what we thought of it at the office.....
This is the card I made for Donna and her hubby. Love Birds are a Stampin' Up! set that's retired. The solid paper is chocolate chip, also from Stampin' Up!. The background paper is from a Costco bundle I bought years ago. The metal charm is from a scrapbook kit my friend gave me and
And this card, even though it looks orange is actually a pretty red, is for my sister's birthday this month. All of the paper and stamp sets for this card are from Stampin' Up!.

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