Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Game on!

Working on the game room...again! Still! Remember those tab top curtain valances I said I was making? No? It's okay. It's been a while ago. I'm slow. lol Well, I finally finished them and got them hung up. I've never made them before and put the rods too low. Had to move them up a couple of inches. Dang, now I already have holes to patch in the new paint! Got some things hung up and it's starting to look like a game room.
We have a lot of pictures of cars from both DH Richard and from his dad. They used to race years ago when his dad was alive. I went to Dollar Tree and got these frames. These colors would be great in a kids room but won't do for this project. So I got out my black spray paint and wah-lah, presto change-o, they're perfect.
This is kind of a far away shot but I got a few of the pictures (and an article) framed and hung up. I think with all of them black, they'll go nicely with the other stuff in the room. It's obvious, I'm no interior decorator but for what it is, $1.00 was the right price! :o) And you can see the spiffy TV my hubby hung up. Look ma, no wires!! With the attic access right above it, it made installation easy. Did I say easy? It took him a week to do. There were so many wires! All that so I can watch HGTV while hanging pictures. Whatta guy! :o)


greetingarts said...

Whoa! Game room? Spiffy flat screen (I'm sure it's HD) TV? Awesome paint job? New valance? I have *got* to ditch this family and pigsty of a home of mine and move in with you. I'll bring fabric and my craft supplies, "will sew for food."

Oh, and why would you bother patching the holes, doesn't the valance cover them right up? :0)

Conni said...

Valance looks perfect against the red wall! Well done, and another project complete!

3anklebiters said...

Love the red wall, it is so Liz!