Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello from Ankara, Turkey!

Hello there.  Just a quick check in from Turkey.  I got here late last Saturday to visit my hubby and to take a little vacation with him.  It's already a vacation for me but he gets an R&R trip every six months with this company he's working for.
Tomorrow I'll do some laundry and we'll pack our bags for Ireland.  I'm so excited and can't wait.  Turkey has been very warm the last few days so the cooler temps in Ireland will be wonderful.
This was the sunset a few days ago.  I haven't really taken too many pictures yet but I'll make up for that in a few days.  :o)

I got to do some sewing this week while Richard was at work.  Did some blocks for a UFO and made my daughter Ashley a nursing cover.  I'll share pics of those next week.
Have a great Labor Day!!

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Michelle said...

Have fun Liz! Has he been there 6 months already? I know it hasn't gone quick for you, but seems quick to me! Enjoy!