Sunday, July 21, 2013

A little roof repair and a whole lotta cleaning!

Over a year ago, we had a leak in our roof and wouldn't you know, it leaked right over my sewing machine.  Thankfully, no damage to the machine because it leaked more on the extension table than the actual machine head.  I figured with the warm weather, it was a good time to have the roof repaired.  But lordy, that meant moving all of my bins, the sewing table, etc.
I had a friend of my oldest daughter to do the job.  He's in construction and his work has slowed down so it was a win-win for us both.  I didn't think to take a before picture but the damage to the ceiling was just discoloration.  The real damage was to the ledge of the soffit where the stucco was cracked and separated.  Here it is all fixed up and better.  The acoustic was still a little wet but it has dried now and blended in perfectly.

Then I had to deal with this!!  But I got it all put away and my room is pretty once again.

I didn't do one ounce of sewing this weekend though.  I spent both days in the game room.  All of my craft stuff had been moved to the closets in that room when my hubby left and I moved to the spare bedroom.  I "had" to get that sorted out before I leave in a month to go see Richard in Turkey again.  By the time I get back, it will be time to prepare for Ashley's baby shower and the baby shortly after that.  I figured giving up one weekend will be worth it.  The closets are organized but they are packed!!  This one is a hundred years worth of family photos...I swear I will put some in scrapbooks someday!  Then there are all the other craft items you might need one day. 

Ashley and I moved this desk to the game room to make room outside of the master bedroom for a dresser for the baby.  I swear I feel like we're just moving stuff around all over the house!  lol  We did fill some bins for either donating or if Kelley, our oldest, has another yard sale, she can try to make a few bucks from it.

 Here is the other closet.  I had to share this picture.  The crates will go to the garage but we had already closed the doors for the night so I'll put them out there tomorrow.  Check out those clear bins.  Those are all clothes given to Ashley for the baby from her friend.  She has two little girls and had a boy so she doesn't need all those "pink" things!  lol  While I cleaned up the game room, Ashley sorted through all of the boxes and got them put in age/size.  We're getting this place organized....even if it kills me and it probably will!  :o)


Michelle said...

Haha...all that work was pretty much what I just went through, after a move! Good job getting all those tasks taken care of!

The Other Barb said...

Wow..lots of work going on at your house~ Great job!

Lenore Lung said...

I know that you find it hard to move all your stuff and sewing table before you conduct the roof repair project. But you’d prefer doing that than experiencing worse roofing problems in the future. It’s important that you find and fix roof leaks right away, so damage and subsequent repairs would be minimal.

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Allyson Ripple said...

Having leaks in the roof is really a serious matter that needs to be solved immediately. Good thing the weather gave way for you to fix the roof. Regarding the mess, it truly is hard to deal with. Perhaps you need to schedule the decluttering from time to time to avoid the piling up of mess in your house. Allyson Ripple @

Jere Leach said...

It’s good that you had a family friend who helped you in fixing your roof. Well, it seems that it was just a small leak, but it was good that you didn’t neglect it. Most risky home repairs start with a simple problem. If you don’t want to spend a lot more and put it in more work in the future, you should deal with it as soon as possible.
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